Making Sense of Work - Icebergs and Organisations

This short session introduces the metaphor of the 'Organisational Iceberg' as a way of understanding the relationship at work between Task (what we are there to do) and Process (the way human aspects impact on the way the job gets done).

20 - 80 training is dedicated to offering online courses that share useful models, frameworks and techniques to help us understand and better manage the people process side of work. We aim to help managers and staff to develop their own 'inner psychologist' so they can:-

  • be more resilient,
  • improve wellbeing,
  • better handle stress and change,
  • manage and be managed in a way that people want to do their best,
  • build better teams,
  • communicate more clearly and with greater influence

so that the task can be done more effectively, efficiently, and at less human cost.