More about 20 - 80 programmes

More about 20 - 80 programmes

20-80 online programmes have been developed to share tried and tested frameworks and techniques to help address common issues at the bottom, and the top, of the Iceberg.

  • 'Managing Yourself' explains in simple terms what makes us 'tick', and includes a range of techniques for building resilience and improving individual emotional state, so we can be at our best more of the time.

  • 'Working with Others' includes models for understanding difference, and introduces ways of improving relationships, enhancing influence, and reducing friction.

  • 'Increasing Effectiveness' introduces strategies for working better at the top of the Iceberg, keeping problems in perspective, getting clearer about outcomes, plus techniques for planning, creative problem solving, and time management.

  • Managing People shares a simple model to explain what good people management entails, and approaches to motivation that help managers get the best out of the people they manage, and themselves.

  • Working through Change explores the psychological impact change can have, how this can affect our work, and introduces strategies to successfully work through change, accelerating the process of adaptation.